Engine Services Partners Sweden AB (ESP Sweden) is an EASA 145 approved repair facility for a/c turbines and associated fuel and control components, including GTCP 85-98 APU as well as GTCP 85-129 model for the B737 a/c. Our welding capability covers ratings B1, B3, C1 – C20.

In addition to our well-established engine programs for the Rolls Royce (RR) 250 and RR Gnome H1400 engine models and all their accessories ESP Sweden also overhauls and repairs the PWC’s PT6 and PW 100 engine models Honeywell accessories. ESP Sweden has full test capabilities for our products and are able to verify that all products meet specified quality and manual limits.

40+ years

of experience and excellence

Established as ScanMotive by the Swedish Ministries of Defense and Industry